What does it mean to be Verified?

To facilitate a wise and informed decision, we created a public profile for each company on the marketplace. We recommend that you spend a few minutes looking at this information before contacting the company you are considering. This includes information about the company's policies, pricing, customer service and other information.

Things we look for to verify a company.

  • Driver's license/Identification
  • Operating Authority (DOT, MC, USDA)
  • Insurance Identification Card

Additionally, company profiles typically include information like operating authority such as a Motor Carrier and/or Department of Transportation number, USDA, upcoming routes, and more. Using the “call” button on each profile, you can contact any driver directly and discuss your shipment or their credentials directly.

Are you looking to be verified? We’re here to help

Once you have collected all the required information. Please contact us below to get started.


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Pickup Location
Stafford, VA, USA
Dropoff Location
New York, NY, USA
Leaving on
Number of slots available
  • Gettysburg, PA, USA