Wilt's Wild Transportation LLC

Owner name
Mariah Wilt
Operating authority
USDA certified
Transport Types
Small Animal
Company Bio
Hello! My name is Mariah Wilt. I am located in south-western Pennsylvania and I am the owner/founder of Wilt's Wild Transportation LLC. I have a passion for animals and traveling so when I found out animal transportation was a career people can have I quickly started researching how to become one. Some of you on here may have heard of Felicia Wilson, I took and completed her class last year. I plan on taking what I learned from her and my personal experience to be a great transporter and treat all the wonderful animals as I would want mine to be treated. I look forward to engaging with those on here and providing you with a service you are happy to have.

Hiring a Safe Animal Transporter: A Quick Guide

When hiring an animal transport company, ensure they meet your pet's safety requirements. Research thoroughly, use platforms like Hauling Buddies, and choose a transporter that fits your needs. This guide aims to help you safely move your animals to their next destination.

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