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1 Equine | From: Boise, ID, USA To: Fairfax Station, VA, USA
Needs to be done in
over 1 year
Total distance
2381.65 mi
No set timeline. 
  • Boise, ID, USA
  • Fairfax Station, VA, USA


  • November would work wonderfully!  Do you have email address and I can send you some information about us?  
    almost 2 years ·
  • Hi! He not quite ready to go;  November would be a better time frame. 
    almost 2 years ·
  • Hey there, Miriam here again from Blue Ribbon Horse Trailering.  I submitted a quote for just 2k.   I can be to the Idaho pick up this Sunday and we would drop off this Wednesday,  If that doesn't work, I do have another trip coming home from the west coast again in early November.   Your trip would be for a box stall of course for either of the time frames.  Would love to help out. Just lemme know.  Thanks!  
    almost 2 years ·
  • Hey there.  Are you still looking for a ride? I am leaving Washington State this Saturday the 19th,  and am headed back to the east coast.  We are based out of Virginia.  I have a box stall open and know Fairfax Station very well.  Would you be ready to go Sunday or Monday?  
    almost 2 years ·
  • I would probably need a week to get health certificate done, but could be ready after that. 
    almost 2 years ·
  • Yes, very flexible 
    almost 2 years ·