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Since day one, unlike other companies providing animal transport services, our services are available for each consumer/shipper free of charge. Users can move forward with the reassurance of making an educated decision before dispersing funds.

For your convenience, Hauling Buddies embraces social networking while ensuring protection through the use of verified companies. Allow us to provide the information you need for the safe and easy transport of your animals.

What's New

  • Calling All Professional Animal Transporters!

    If you are an animal transport company looking to expand your customer base, then Hauling Buddies is the perfect place for you! Our comprehensive directory allows customers to easily search for transport companies in their area, giving you the opportunity to promote your services and gain more customers. Our user-submitted reviews and company profiles provide customers with the knowledge and assurance they need to make informed decisions when choosing a transport company. [Download Our App] Joining Hauling Buddies will give you access to a larger network of potential customers, as well as a platform to showcase your services and build your brand. We are committed to providing a safe and reliable service to both customers and transport companies, so what are you waiting for? Join Hauling Buddies today and start growing your business!

  • Extend Your Coverage Area With a Listening Station 📡

    Located on the East Coast but want to keep an eye out for transports coming back from the Midwest?  Create multiple listening stations to extend your coverage area, and we will let you know when someone needs a buddy.  [Listening Station]

  • Congratulations to our first 100 verified companies!

    As a verified company, you can receive leads, review transport requests in your area, and share your verified buddy link.  Let’s keep this number growing. Get verified today Need an Animal Transport Service but don't know where to start? Hauling Buddies is dedicated to helping outfit you with the best service provider in your area. We are a community of verified animal transport businesses that want to ensure your pets arrive at their destinations happy, healthy, and safe. [Blue Bold Verified Post.png]

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