Hauling Buddies

Andrew Hodson was once responsible for the management of various animal transport social media groups. Day in and day out, he watched the madness that ensued as organization was nowhere to be found. As he realized that he could develop solutions for the issues he witnessed, he worked to create his very own marketplace - Select Haul. Continuing to grow and improve his idea by listening intently to haulers and shippers, he released new and improved versions of his program. Today, Select Haul is now Hauling Buddies, and it has evolved to meet the demands of all parties involved.

Since day one, unlike other companies providing animal transport services, our services are available for each consumer/shipper free of charge. Transport companies are required to pay a nominal fee for use, but this process allows shippers to have open-ended discussions with potential haulers before committing to the process. With the ability to compare haulers and ask questions, users can move forward with the reassurance of making an educated decision before dispersing funds.

For your convenience, Hauling Buddies embraces social networking while ensuring protection through the use of verified companies. Allow us to provide the information you need for the safe and easy transport of your animals.